Couples Counselling

Sometimes we get really stuck in relationship and old patterns of behaviour just keep repeating themselves. We can find ourselves feeling so angry about our partner not picking their clothes up off the floor and having a huge row about it, when underneath we may be thinking, “If they cared about me, they would pick their clothes up off the floor because it matters to me.” It can be harder to express our vulnerable feelings, and easier to sometimes row about the smaller things, which can leave one partner thinking, “Why are they getting so mad about that?”

I offer you both a non-judgemental space in which you can share your thoughts and feelings with each other and with me. My intention is to enable you both to express yourselves in such a way so that you feel heard and listened to by your partner, so that you are able to communicate with each other in a healthy way. There may be a deep wound that you are both struggling with, such as an infidelity, infertility, a lack of sexual desire or you may be bringing two families together and need some support in creating a new future together.

Staying in a long term relationship takes work and commitment. We change along the way as a result of our age and life experiences and we need to be able to acknowledge our differences and the impact these changes can make upon us as a couple. Sometimes we can get stuck in our old ways of relating which we learned a long time ago, and we need to find new ways to communicate our fears, hopes, needs, and desires to each other.

Sometimes couples know that they have reached the end of the road, and need the support and space to process these feelings of grief and despair, which the formal processes of mediation and divorce don’t offer the opportunity for. I am able to offer you a contained, boundaried space to do so.

I charge £120 per couple per session. (90 minutes)