Online Support Group for Women Ex-Boarders.

A safe supportive space for you to come together fortnightly, meet and connect with other women who have a boarding school background, and experience the growth that can come from being part of a nurturing supportive female group. Maximum 8 women.

You will develop trust and safety and have space to share how you really are without censoring yourself with others who want to listen. You will be seen and heard.

You may laugh, you may cry, you may rage, you may be silent. The only expectation is for you to show up as you feel able to that day.

The group will be ongoing if you wish, but I ask you to sign up for 6 weeks at a time so that we will remain a closed group for that time.

In our first group, we will decide together on any themes that we would like to discuss together over the six weeks so you may bring any pressing thoughts or concerns you may have. These may be linked to your experience at boarding school or may vary from relationship difficulties, body shame, hormonal issues, money, depression, motherhood, menopause, loneliness, and anxiety.  Whatever you need.


Time – Fortnightly on a Wednesday evening 6.30pm – 8pm. 

Starts – February 22nd, 2023.


February 22nd

March 8th

March 22nd

March 5th

April 19th

May 3rd.

Cost – £35 per session.

Total £210 to be paid upfront. (contact me if you need an alternative way to pay.)

About Me

I have been working as a Therapist for over 10 years, I work individually, facilitate groups and workshops and teach students training to be Therapists. I have done in-depth psychotherapy training with Nick Duffell looking at the potential impact of boarding school on children and their subsequent behaviour as adults.

I have worked in many Women’s organisations such as Brighton Women’s Centre, RASAC, The Oasis Project, and am passionate about enabling women to recognise their own worth and potential as themselves. I spent several years facilitating the personal development groups at Brighton University for the psychotherapists in training, as well as facilitating young women’s groups, and various reflective practice groups for organisations.

I believe in the power of women coming together and supporting each other through difficult periods in our lives. To be seen and met as our authentic selves, relinquishing those masks we often hide behind can be truly transformational.

If you would like any more information then please fill in the contact form below.