Therapy for Coaches

Are you working as a coach supporting others to make huge changes in their life, and struggling with your own distress at the same time?

Sometimes, however many courses we have done and steps we have taken to step forwards and make changes, we can feel so incredibly stuck. Life will always throw some difficult experiences our way which will throw us off the path that we thought had some certainty.

I have had Coaching myself which has enabled me to make huge changes in my own life. However, I know that I have also needed to have therapy so that I can continue to step forwards.

Sometimes we just can’t do it. Sometimes we need to be able to have the space to just be in our feelings whatever they are and be met by another without the pressure to keep going forwards.

In order to make changes in our life, we need to be able to grieve. This may be grieving the death of a loved one, your children leaving home, the end of a relationship. Grieving that lost part of yourself. As we grow and transition through the stages of life, it is important to take the space to acknowledge what you are leaving behind. The life you wished you’d had. Your unmet childhood needs. Your hidden trauma. If we don’t allow the space to grieve, we can end up burnt out and exhausted as we are running away from difficult feelings that get trapped inside.


“You have given me what felt like a loving, safe contained space to work through things that have been affecting me for a very long time, as well as the more recent traumatic losses. Your wisdom and your caring have been so important to me and I am very grateful to have had this time and this period of growth.”